Excel - Vertical- and horizontal Lookup

To introduction

When working with Excel sooner or later there will be a need for getting data from a list. The Excel functions HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP can be used for this. With these functions you can get a value from a list on basis of a searchvalue in the most left column, or from the upper row, of the list.
Perfect for a fixed list, but when you want to search in a list that often changes the problems begin. You have to enter a number to locate the column in which you want to search !

The next functions enable you to search on a value in both the left column and top row.

An example for using VHLOOKUP() :

In cell H5 we want to retrieve the kind of article client John bought. Instead of using an indexnumber for the column you just use the columnheader 'Article'.



To use the VHLOOKUP() function you have to save the code below to a VBA module of your workbook, act as follows :
- go to VBA, <Alt><F11>
- make a module, select the VBAProject of the workbook, rightermouseclick, Insert, Module
- dubbleclick the module you made
- copy the code to the module.